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To keep our warehouse stocked, we're always on the lookout for surplus parts. The FlexiParts™ & Mining Services team is interested in making offers on all types of new and used parts, both Cat brand and non-Cat brand. If you have used machinery you no longer require, we also offer a free inspection service where we'll inspect the machine and make an offer.

easy sales process

Looking for an easy way to sell your parts and machinery?

Good Prices, Less Hassle
Our team can help you avoid the complication of dealing with auction houses, selling fees and broker commissions. By selling your parts, components and machinery direct to FlexiParts, you’ll be dealing with a trusted team who’ll take care of everything and guarantee you a good price.
What is the selling process?
All we need is a list of the parts and machinery you want to move. One of our parts specialists will conduct an assessment and provide you with a valuation. On acceptance, we’ll validate condition at our operations and provide you with a purchase order. In just a few weeks’ time, you’ll have the cash required to invest in future jobs and equipment.

Upload a list of your parts and machinery here

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