Introducing FlexiParts Anti-Idle Technology: Innovative diesel offset solution for mining trucks

Designed as a solution for mining trucks with excessive idle times, the anti-idle unit is a Direct Current (DC) air conditioning compressor system that pairs with a lithium-ion battery for direct integration into the truck’s OEM system.

The unit, which is built to operate in tough environments, is fixed near the cab and uses the existing in-cab OEM air conditioning controls along with applied logic to start and stop based on the site’s preferences.

The anti-idle unit can operate continuously for up to 30 minutes with 1:1 battery charging ratio undertaken by the truck’s main battery tank. This is made possible by the specialised DC to DC charging interface to the lithium battery.

FlexiParts Anti-Idle Technology Unit


  • Service Meter Unit (SMU) hour reductions at idle
  • Reduce engine idle fuel usage
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Maintain operator comfort

Anti Idle Technology

For more information on the solution, contact the FlexiParts team today.

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