Eliminate Live Work with SafeGauge. SafeGauge specialises in supplying innovative safety solutions, and has quickly become a trusted provider of cutting-edge gauge technology, ensuring precision and reliability in monitoring critical processes. Enhance your workplace safety and productivity with SafeGauge.


Which pressure transducer is right for you?

SafeGauge Pressure Transducers are available in a variety of pressure ranges to suit your specific needs.

WHICH PRESSURE TRANSDUCER IS RIGHT FOR YOU When purchasing a SafeGauge Pressure Transducer Kit, you have complete choice over the transducers which are included in your kit so that you can find the best combination for your team’s pressure testing needs.

What’s even better – a custom selection comes at no extra cost!

SafeGauge offers 5 transducer variants, with each transducer being accurate to 0.2% of its full pressure scale. See the below breakdown of each of our transducers.

How to choose your sensor:

  • Consider, the type of equipment you will be using them on and the maximum pressures of that equipment;
  • the testing procedures you will be completing; and
  • the accuracy level required.

If you are unsure, you should consult the machinery OEM or the equipment’s maintenance manual to confirm the maximum pressures required to be tested.

SafeGauge’s Wireless MultiTool will notify you if the maximum pressure is being exceeded. If the Pressure Transducer is subject to overpressure, it can result in damage to the sensor membrane and impact performance of the transducer. SafeGauge’s product warranty does not cover damage caused to the transducer by improper use.

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